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2.2kw Oil Immersed Low Noise Hydraulic Power Pack for Home Lift

  • EM9630

  • Eonmach

  • 8412299090


Product Description

2.2kw Oil Immersed Low Noise Hydraulic Power Pack for Home Lift

This oil immersed power unit has low noise, consisting of high pressure vane pump, motor, multi-functional manifold, valves, tank, ect.start the motor to lift the machine and the lowering movement is activated by the solenoid valve with the speed controlled by the adjustable throttle valve. It can achieve single or double speed decline. When the lift rises to a high position, but the power supply is cut, the lowering movement is controlled by the manual override function.

Descending effect adjustment step:

  1. Tighten the two black fine threads shown the figure below, and do not use force after they are screwed in place.

  2. Screw the two hand wheels to screw out the coarse thread for four to five circles.

  3. Remove one of the coils and raise the elevator.

  4. After pressing the lowering button of the lifter, slowly adjust the fine thread on one side of the coil outward until the lifter starts to lower. The lift can descend smoothly, regardless of the speed of the lift. 5. Remove the first coil.Install the other coil. Repeat the fourth part.

6.After the two coils are adjusted respectively, reinstall all the coils. Lift once and observe the lifting effect and speed. At this time, the sequence of energizing and de-energizing of the main coil shall be especially required. When descending, the slow valve shall be energized first, and then the fast valve shall be de-energized. The energization interval shall be 1.5-2.5 seconds. After descending in place, the fast valve is powered off first, the slow valve is powered off later, and the deceleration travel distance is 20-30 cm.
7.Adjust the descending speed of the two hand wheels, and the fast valve controls the normal descending speed.
8. After pressing the emergency stop button, if the buffer distance is too large, rotate the hand wheel of the quick valve clockwise, and adjust it to the appropriate distance without affecting the descending speed. Just adjust the handwheel for the speed of the descent!


. FAQ .

Q1: Do you accept OEM or ODM manufacturing?

A1: Yes! We do accept OEM or ODM manufacturing. We will quote you the exact price and make the exact cylinder according to your specification and drawing.

Q2: Can we design our own package or print our own logo?

A2: Yes! Package and logo will be made acording to your requirements.

Q3: Could we get small quantity samples?

A3: Yes! We understand the quality test is important and we are glad to make the sample for you. The MOQ is 1pcs.

Q4: How long is the production time?

A4: Generally the production time is 15-20 days.

Q5: What is the warranty?

A5: One year against B/L date.



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