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Hydraulic power units Description

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Hydraulic power units Description

General Description:

This POWER UNITS FOR DOUBLE -SCISSORS LIFT is equiped with the zero leakage double-check solenoid valves,this power unit fulfils the complete separation of the two independent circuits ,which are respectively for the main platform and subordinate platform of the double scissors lift .By increasing the number of the solenoid valves ,it is easy to get more  independent circuits which are used to control the corresponding cylinders.


1.The manual override function is available on request.
2. The power unit is of S3 duty, which can only be worked intermittently, i.e.1 minute on and 9 minutes off.
3. Clean all the hydraulic parts concemed before mounting the power unit.
4..Viscosity of the hydraulic oil should be 15-68 cst,which should also be clean and free of impurities. N46 hydraulic oil is recommended.
5.. This power unit should be mounted Horizontal.
6.Check the oil level in the tank after the first start of the power unit.
7..Oil changing is required after the initial 100 operation hours afterwards once every 3000 hours.

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